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On this page we have links to the recent events of parish interest.
Please scroll down for the most recent items. Click on any thumbnail to go to the section index

Gospel Concert on 9th February 2007 in the Templeport Resource Centre
Robbie Pearson
Gary Wilson & Robbie Pearson
Florence Given
Kenny Archer
Rev Geoff with performers
There are twelve photographs in the set including five of the audience enjoying the show

Click on any of the thumbnails above to go to the full index of 51 photographs

Ordination of Revd Geoff Wilson in St Peter's Sunday 19 June 2005

Revd Geoff Wilson
StPeters Templepot
Bishop Ken
Revd Geoff Wilson
St Peter's Church Templeport
Bishop Ken Clarke

Preparation for the Ordination of Revd Geoff Wilson in St Peter's   13 & 14/05/05
(Directions to St Peter's Church Templeport)

Visit of Revd Dr Oliver Duku to Templeport 24/04/2005


Forward Day  United Service  Ballyconnell   Photographs   18/04/2005


Retirement Presentation to Madeline Hewson Photographs 13/04/2005


Group Service, Templeport 17-10-04 Photographs


Harvest Festival, Templeport 08-10-04 Photographs


United Family Service, Ballyconnell 29-08-04 - Pictures


Ordination of Geoff Wilson Pictures      27/06/2004

These have not been edited or adjusted and are still as they were when first put on line during the night of 27th August.

Swanlinbar Rectory Open House on 25th June 2004


* * * * * A message from our new Clergyman Rev Geoff Wilson * * * * *

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