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Kinawley Village
Kinawley is a small village located in County Fermanagh. The present Chapel in Kinawley was opened in 1876. It has a very old graveyard attached to it, along with the ruins of an earlier Church. All that remains of this Church is the northeast gable, which is in quite good condition, and small portions of the two sidewalls. The graveyard is now maintained by the Fermanagh County Council.

Before 1825, a school was built at Stragowna, consisting of two teachers. A new school was built and opened in 1965, when it was taken over by the Western Education and Library Board.
The Old School <Photograph ? >

St. Paul's Church
A small Church was built in Kinawley, as a Chapel of Ease for Swanlinbar, in 1932; it was dedicated to St. Paul.

St. Paul's Church <Photograph><Photograph>

Previously services of worship were held in Kinawley Orange Hall. The small Church of St. Paul's is a lovely bright building and is well maintained. It is built on a height with steps leading up to it. At night these steps were rather dangerous, so the parishioners were grateful when standard lamps were erected. These lamps were given to the Church by Miss Olive Crawford, Enniskillen, in memory of her brother Walter, in 1969. A hand rail was also erected in later years.

The Furnishings
The East window in St. Paul's Church is a colourful stained glass window depicting the Resurrection, "He is Risen, He is not Here". It was given in memory of Frederick Crawford Boult, 1943.
East Window in St. Paul's Church <Photograph>
The communion table was a gift given by the parishioners, in memory of the Rev. George Milligan, rector from 1932 to 1939. <Photograph>
The communion linen was a gift in memory of William Thomas Crawford, Mullagarrow, by his wife Sarah, October 1982.
The lectern was given by Mrs. E. Breen in memory of her husband James Breen 1918. <Photograph>

A prayer desk was given by Mrs. Alice Hamilton, in memory of her parents, William and Elizabeth Wallace, Moher. <Photograph>
Mrs. Veitch, Mullagarrow, gave the collection plates, Bible and alms dish in memory of her son Frank Veitch 1971.
A hymn board was a gift in memory of Alice Hamilton, Moher, who was organist for many years in St. Paul's.
A bequest by Willie and Alice Hamilton, 1986, enabled a heating system to be installed in St. Paul's Church.
The Minor Hall
The Select Vestry decided to buy an old house, from Mr. Nigel Keys, which was for. sale beside St. Paul's. The hedge was removed from between the house and the Church. The house was then demolished and a small hall was built in its place in 1995. <Photograph>
This is now known as the Minor Hall. The hall has been a great addition to the Church as it is used for Sunday School, Mothers' Union meetings and any other small parties which take place.

The Mothers' Union
When Canon Anderson was in charge of the Parish in 1963, Mrs. Anderson started a branch of the Mothers' Union. The first meeting was held in Kinawley Hall on 24`h March 1963. When Mrs. Dunwoody came, she held the meetings in the Rectory. Later, Mrs. Kingston took over and then Mrs. Alice Hamilton, Moher. The branch is still going strong, with monthly meetings and guest speakers or demonstrators. At the moment, Mrs. Vi Breen is the enrolling member. She organises guest speakers and the annual outing and meal during May; it is always very enjoyable.

Church Activities
The Bowling Club and Badminton Club are both held in St. Paul's Church Hall during the winter months, both are well supported.